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Sakinaw Lake

3 Beautiful Lakes To Visit On The Sunshine Coast, B.C.

There is nothing that compares to taking a dip in fresh ocean water however, sometimes we all need a quiet day at the lake. Take a look through some awesome lakes to visit on your next escape from the busy beaches of the Sunshine Coast. 

Spend a Relaxing Weekend at Sakinaw Lake

Sakinaw Lake is truly a lake lover’s paradise! Rent a cabin along the lake with your friends and family to enjoy the calm waters of Sakinaw Lake. Bring your boat to get some water skiing or wakeboarding practice around the waterski course or bring your paddle board and explore the lake. One of the most unique things about Sakinaw lake is it connects to the Salish Sea on one end. 

Experience the warm and clear water at Ruby Lake

Take a trip to Ruby Lake and enjoy some of the clearest and warmest waters on the Sunshine Coast! Rent a canoe, paddleboard, kayak or launch your boat and spend the day exploring the lake. If you are planning to stay awhile, book a tent, cabin, or cottage at the Ruby Lake Resort only a short 2-minute drive away from the lake. 

Other notable lakes in the Pender Harbour area: 

  • Garden Bay Lake 
  • Klein Lake
  • Hotel Lake
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Take Your Kids for a dip at Trout Lake

If making a trip up to Pender Harbour is a little too far for the day, take a trip to Trout Lake located just past Sechelt. This lake is great for fishing, swimming, and floating around. On your trip, you may spot one or two turtles, just remember to admire from afar.

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