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Must See Parks This Summer On The Sunshine Coast, B.C.

As we continue to follow the re-opening plan set out by the Government of British Columbia, residents can start safely traveling within Canada. Visitors are allowed to get back to exploring their favourite spots in the beautiful Sunshine Coast again! Let’s discover some activities that you should add to your Sunshine Coast bucket list for this summer! 

Beach Day at Porpoise Bay Provincial Park, Sechelt 

Head over to the sandy beaches of Porpoise Bay Provincial Park with the family to catch some rays! Whether you are looking to swim, paddle, or sit on the beach, this lake-like beach will be perfect for you and your kids. If you are interested in staying overnight, book one of the reservable camp spots just minutes away from the beach. 

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Learn about the History of Smugglers Cove, Halfmoon Bay

Take a quick 4km walk through an easy trail to Smugglers Cove to learn about the history of the park and how it got its name, Smuggler Cove. Along the way, you will be able to learn about the animals that currently still live here. Hikers will be rewarded with a beautiful look out onto the Georgia Straight. 

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Watch Tides Change At Skookumchuck Narrows

Visit one of the most beautiful acts of nature and one of the great whitewater wonders of the world at Skookumchuck Narrows. After walking 4km through the trail, you can view the tides change twice daily. This unique tide change creates rapids perfect for professional extreme kayaking and diving. 

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Explore The Coast Through The Sunshine Coast Trail

If you have some time on your hands, try hiking the 180KM backcountry Sunshine Coast Trail. This beautiful trail travels through lakes and forests to 14 huts along the Coast. If you don’t have a full eight days or just want to get a taste before committing to the lengthy hike, try doing one of the day hikes to the huts!

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