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Housing Sales Statistics Halfmoon Bay, B.C.

May 2021 Halfmoon Bay, B.C. Real Estate Sales Statistics

Halfmoon Bay is a popular neighbourhood among families for many reasons, one of which being it is home to the outstanding Halfmoon Bay Elementary School, where Indigenous learning, early education, and career programs are offered to allow students of all backgrounds and levels to succeed. That being said, Halfmoon Bay is the perfect Sunshine Coast community to raise a family in your perfect single-family home in the area. To begin your search, check out how final prices for homes in the Halfmoon Bay area have changed over the past year.

Real estate market stats for properties in Halfmoon Bay, Sunshine Coast

Detached homes in Halfmoon Bay this past May 2021 sold for an average price of $831,500, a 43.1% increase from last May. Last May, the average selling price of a detached home was $581,000. The average sale price of residential properties (including townhomes and condos) sold for an average price of $827,300, a 43.0% increase from last year. Despite the overall large increase from last May, selling prices for housing in Halfmoon Bay have increased less than 2% from April 2021. 

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