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Increase In Demand In Homes In Suburban Communities

The pandemic that began over a year ago has had a dramatic impact on the real estate industry. Being in lock down for months has given homeowners and prospective buyers the opportunity to reevaluate what aspects of their home is important to them and for many, it is relocating to suburban communities with more space and affordable housing. 

Increased outdoor space

For many, living close to the office has become increasingly less important with more flexibility and opportunity to work from home. With the commute no longer a prevalent issue, many homeowners are taking the opportunity to get out of the city to find more space in the homes, especially outdoor space. Homeowners in areas such as the Sunshine Coast, have the opportunity to enjoy more outdoor space to relax, engage in outdoor hobbies, and host friends and family. Additionally, the Sunshine Coast is surrounded by breathtaking nature everywhere you go, a luxury that downtown Vancouver residents miss out on.  

Quieter Communities 

With homeowners relocating outside the city, they have the opportunity to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of the downtown life and enjoy quieter communities. These suburban areas such as the Sunshine Coast, offer a more laid back lifestyle, with more affordable housing options. 

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