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3 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Property In Sechelt, B.C.

Located on the south side of the Sunshine Coast is the beloved town of Sechelt. Sechelt is a breathtakingly beautiful town with a laid-back feel that is home to plenty of families and retired couples who enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of the Coast. Explore why you should make Sechelt, B.C., your next home!

The Location

Sechelt is easily accessible from Vancouver as well as other areas around the Sunshine Coast. From Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver, it is a quick 40-minute ferry ride and roughly a 30-minute drive (26km) from the Langdale terminal. Additionally, the main highway in Sechelt makes it easily accessible from other parts of the Sunshine Coast. 

Family Friendly

Sechelt offers great educational opportunities for every age group. Whether you have a child going into grade 1 or just graduating from high school, there are well established schools that will support them along the way. 

To explore:


Being on the Sunshine Coast means access to plenty of beaches, trails, and parks to explore. Whether you are enjoying a day at the beach or up in the trails, Sechelt is home to beautiful wildlife to enjoy!

To Explore:

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